Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Danny boy came in the mail today.

I received my copy of Harrington On Hold'em today in the mail. I have already read it but it is the kind of book you need to have handy at all times. This book completely opened my mind to how the game works. It clarified concepts like pot odds, probe and continuation bets in a friendly non condescending tone. If you haven't picked this book up and you play tourneys regularly it is a must have. Part two comes out next month I believe. The concepts I learned from this book helped me win the first two tournaments I played in Vegas earning my over $1200. So go and buy this book today!!

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Grilling and poker...a couple of my favorite things.

Today the Spaceman is having a home tourney and a cookout. Woohoo! We are also going to watch some televised poker tourney. I'm excited as I love eating grilled animal flesh and playing poker. Also I have faired well in the last few home games at Jason's. My friend Trisha is down from Belguim and is new to the poker thing. Maybe she will have the same luck my cousin had in her first hold'em home game.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Ahhhhhh Vegas.

Las Vegas was a sweet lady to my wallet and a drill sergant to my body. Once I have recovered from the physical assault that is Vegas I will attempt to write a neat keano trip report. So bear with me and check back in a few days. Oh and for the record NL > Limit,
Spaceman > Moneymaker and Vegas > just about every other place I have ever been.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I'm still not dead.

Well today is my 26th birthday. I would like to say life has been good to me so far, but the truth is life has been kicking me in the balls for almost a year and a half. I have been sick for a week, I just found out the lastest round of poison I have been taking has done nothing and I'm not getting any lovin'. So boo fucking hoo. Pity party for me. At least I'm going to Las Vegas next month with some good friends. Oh and there is no hockey which really sucks. Peace out, Charlie

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Hand.

So my first experience with the WPBT was a fun but short one. I won the second hand at my table when I flopped a flush. Not a big pot but I thought it was a nice way to start. A few hands later I had to fold AKo when nothing flopped for me. From there I preceded to sit back and watch the show. I had Dr. Pauly to my right and I watched him push with the hammer preflop and drive everyone out of a pot.

I saw a few flops here and there but most of my starting hands were awful and the few I had that were potentially playable saw sizeable raises that most of the time I could not justify calling. After sometime (I have no idea how long, I was in a fever/drug induced haze) I was down about 400 chips under the starting stack. The blinds weren't killing me yet but I needed a hand quick....

I'm on the SB and I have cowboys....Yay! The guy behind Pauly, 787Style raises to 150 from 50, Pauly immediately pushes. I'm thinking 787Style=overcards, Pauly=hammer, yes I actually put the good Doctor on the hammer, I mean he did it earlier so it did not seem so far fetched. In my mind I'm probably ahead and can potentially triple up and then have some real fun at the table. Ahem, no. 787Style had AA and Pauly did have the hammer. Flop came 7h 5d 7d, glup! Turn in 9d. Hmmm now wait, I can catch my miracle four outer flush here cause on of my K's is a d. Alas no the river is a 5h the board pairs and Pauly gets a full house hammer.

The news travels faster than I thought possible around the tables. In no time the hand history is posted on Iggy's site. Did anybody get a screen shot??

I was not upset, I mean this is what is supposed to happen at the Blogger tourney right? Also I shall ever live in infamy for being involved in The Hand. I informed Pauly of his winning of my bounty, he feels a bit guilty about the hand compiled with winning a bounty with it. Let me say this Pauly, if I had caught my four outer I wouldn't have felt the least bit guilty and neither should you. So all in all it was fun but waaaay to short also not being anywhere near 100% made it a bit less enjoyable too. I can't wait for the next one!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bounty for the tourney.

In honor of my hockey blogging roots I am offering a Nashville Predators hockey puck to whoever knocks me out. Unless it's Jason cause that's just redunant as hell.

Come Hell or HIgh Water!

I contracted a cold after acting foolish at a party on Saturday night. I have been fighting it with all my power, but now have a 101.5 fever. I will play in this damn tourney. I have taking some drugs and bundled up. So if I do really stupid stuff in the tourney please excuse me because my brain might be cooking in it's own juices. Is it wrong to enjoy the flavor of Robitussin? It's like sweet boozy medicine.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

WPBT time!

Tomorrow I will be participating in my first World Poker Bloggers Tour tourney. I hope that I at least play well and don't go out super early. I know that most of the people I will be playing against are of a higher caliber and skill level than I. I have been practicing playing sngs on PokerStars, some real money, some play. I must say the sng setup is much better on PokerStars than PartyPoker you start with 700 more chips and the blind structure is more player friendly. I'm sure someone out there can tell me, what does the Latin mean on the WPBT emblem? See you guys tomorrow....Good Luck to all!!